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Sunday, November 11, 2007

mark yer calenders, guys and dolls

february 22-24, i will be a panelist at CONDFW!

'tis official.

I'll be chillin' with Peter S. Beagle. I'll be all like "'Sup, Peter S Beagle"
and he'll be all like "'Sup J M McDermott".

We'll do that thing that the cool kids do where they say hello just by raising their heads. you know, like 'i'd actually lift my arm to wave hello, but actually i'm just going to look down my nose at everyone else around us for just a moment, because we are the cool kids at the con."

yup. me and peter s. beagle will be chillin'.

you can, too, if you turn your horseys to ConDFW come February.


Janet said...

Very strange. I went to the website and I STILL don't know what ConDFW stands for.

At least they told me it was a science fiction and fantasy event.

J m mcdermott said...


"Dallas/Fort Worth"

This one may be a bit of a trip for you, Janet. Still, I hope you attend. I'll re-sign yer ARC!

The only thing better than one autograph is two.