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Friday, May 16, 2008

conversation with my cousin...

j m mcd - "Hey, how are you doing? Um, I'm at KickButt Coffee right now, in Austin."

A_ K_ - "I thought you weren't coming down until tomorrow? You're in Austin *NOW*?!"

j m mcd - "Yeah, I just noticed that the e-mail said I'd be down tomorrow, not tonight. I pulled it up to get your directions, and noticed that I'm a day early."

A___ K__ - "I thought you were coming down tomorrow!"

j m mcd - "I had thought, since traffic can be so hellacious that I would come down today instead of tomorrow, so I wouldn't risk being late for the signing. In fact, I had thought that's what was always happening. I just now looked at the e-mail, and realized that I'm a day early. I suck. I'm terrifically disorganized."

A___ K____ - "Yeah, I thought that was weird how you were planning on coming down the day of."

j m mcd - "Yeah, 'cuz it can take either three hours, or eight hours, depending on traffic, and I didn't want to risk being late for the signing tomorrow."

A___ K____ - "Yeah, it's fine..."

Yeah. I suck and wrote the wrong night in the e-mail.

I need a personal assistant. Who works for free. (How can I can I acquire an intern? I need one.)

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