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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

got a reject back that made me laugh...

apparently, an unnamed magazine i have submitted to exactly once sends back editorial comments with every piece.

i... hesitate to go into the whole thing and quote from it (and don't even ask me to name names! No way!), but i will say that if you want to berate a writer for multiple paragraphs about his total misunderstanding of an ethnic group that's comprised of primarily native americans, while also admitting that you don't recognize the technical term for native americans of mayan descent.

hm. maybe i used the proper name for that ethnic group...

this is one of the many reasons why standard editorial feedback is a bad idea. if an editor likes a story and wants to encourage the writer, then it's a good idea. if it is standard, it is very likely going to reveal more about the editor than the writer's work.

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K.C. Shaw said...

I hadn't thought about it like that, but you're right. I've received mini-critiques with rejects that have been super helpful, but the editors who send personal rejects to everyone--well, it shows. I'd rather get a form reject than a comment that makes me stew over the editor's ignorance.