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Friday, August 29, 2008

today i sent a story out...

today i sent a story out that was exactly 9,999 words to a market that requires less than 10,000.

i don't think i've ever written anything with such a wonky wordcount. 9,999 is kind of ominous, isn't it?

i think it is. i should have edited to something innocuous like 9,724, or 9,866.

maybe i should edit it into a haiku?

i can do that right now, i think.

dance with madness un-
der ash trees, beautiful ones,
i will guard the tombs

hm... not quite right, but close enough to the tone of the piece.

check back in a year or so and we'll see if anyone bought it. i don't simsub, so this will take a while if the market i intentionally wrote it for passes on it.

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