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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I am at BookPeople right now, sitting in their cafe.

This place is awesome.

I signed all the stock, if any of you Austin-area folks want to score a signed copy of LAST DRAGON...


Anonymous said...

Isn't BookPeople great? I love that store. I need to check if they still have more Gordath Wood.

Joe, the next time you are coming to town, email me directly! I'd love to get lunch, but it looks like I'm a day late on this one. If you are still around Wednesday night, let me know -- you can hang around with us cryptos.

J m mcdermott said...

This trip was utter spontaneousnessity. My dad had a business thing in the afternoon, and asked me if I wanted to go down with him and hang out in Austin while he did his biz thing, followed by dinner with my cousins. It was about one day prior.

Lots of fun.

We went to dinner at the uber-awesome vegetarian restaurant "Mother's Cafe".

Also, I spent an aftenoon scribbling at BookPeople. I got lots of scribbling done on an unnamed project that will be spoken of at a later date. If/When it arrives at BookPeople, I'll be sure to mention which parts were composed there.

The only sad thing about BookPeople was the lack of Space Squid.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm -- I wonder if that was a function of Space Squid going to free? I'll ask the editors.

I haven't been to Mother's Cafe in years, not since before a homeless guy burned down the garden.