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Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm collecting something...

I have decided to collect imaginary animals. I will be keeping them in my closet, and feeding them whatever they require, and depending on my resident imaginary zookeeper Horatio the Mute to clean up after them and care for them.

Horatio the Mute is seven feet tall and a retired circus strongman. He is quite capable of caring for any sort of creature that shows up. Also, he is not actually a mute. He merely prefers not to speak unless absolutely necessary. Thus, if I find any Dovetailed Toadbirds - that eat only music, lapping the notes from the air like floating insects with their toad-like tongues and swooping and swirling around the notes as if dancing to the silence they create - Horatio the Mute will be perfectly capable of humming the circus music of his youth, feeding them.

Thus, I shall start my collection of imaginary animals. What do you think I should add to my collection?


Anonymous said...

How about a dog like creature with the fur of a cat (does not shed) and grows a horn out of the top of its head. However the horn is harvestable. It can be made of chocolate, prezels, carrots, etc. It needs to be feed the food you desire most. If you want a chocolate horn feed it chocolate.

K.C. Shaw said...

You ought to get a glass snake. Not the common or garden glass snake, but the greater glass snake that is actually invisible. They're hard to catch and aren't very popular in zoo exhibits, but I hear they make very good pets. Students like them because they hiss answers to test questions into one's ear. Their favorite food is bad luck, but don't overfeed them. Too much bad luck turns them black, and then you'll see what they really look like. And then you won't want one as a pet anymore.