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Monday, July 6, 2009

Wait... They have music videos?

I've known for some time that for groovy Eurolectrofop music, you can't get much better than "The Knife" (and the sister act, "Royskopp").

Little did I know they also have awesomely headtrippy videos until I was looking for a live version of Heartbeats on YouTube, having heard their live act was awesomely headtrippy...

There's two music videos for this first song, apparently. I watched both. This one has mouse puppets.

We Share Our Mother's Health is... Well, just see it for yourself:

Was that just too normal for you? Try this one:

And, finally, here's what I was actually looking for when I found all that other stuff, as a nice, strange, Martian palatte-cleanser:

I like it.

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