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Thursday, November 4, 2010

the greatest maze...

i've had plenty of time to think about this.

i was thinking about mazes again, just because an early blurb came through on the book forthcoming from Apex Publications. i was thinking about mazes again.

space is a maze. the vast, open, empty darkness populated with tiny glimmers of light that hide their size with unspeakable distance. this expanse, larger than any mind can truly wrap around and contain inside their head is a powerful maze of light. all these points on the far horizon, beyond the reach of any one leap of faith, tantalizing us with their shining possibilities of the primal need to grow, expand, ascend, conquer, develop, etc. We gaze carefully upon these points of light from afar, as generations struggle to calculate the best possible move into the sky. It is a huge, slow maze of generations, poised upon the cosmos, unsure of where the next rocket leads us, where our transports and desires might take us, with nothing to look forward to but a long, hard journey through the night with the possibility of glorious colonization in the far horizon.

space is a maze. we're in it, deep. we're in so deep we don't even realize it.

and aliens? they could be our Ariadnes, and they could be our Minotaurs, either way we'll never come home again after traveling through that maze without remaining unchanged.

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