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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

High time for another contest...

I'm flying to Maine on Friday. So, on Thursday I can go to the post office and mail more books out into the world to folks who win the contest.

So, this feed starts in Blogger, then shoots out to livejournal, facebook, and twitter.

First two people to respond to me desiring one in each of these four places gets a book. (Unless you already got one!) If you notice that it looks like you're the first two to respond (Facebook is easy, Twitter is hard), do message me your address for the mailing.

Ready... Set... GO!


Anonymous said...

I like books.

Even better, I like books written by you.

Does that qualify me for this contest?


J m mcdermott said...

Yes. You win 1. One more left to win at this spot. Mayhap Twitter or Facebook remain...


Anonymous said...

So I guess this means I'm the second for this spot? If so: Pure awesomeness.


J m mcdermott said...

You win, Dave!

Please email me your address at sankgreal gmail com