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Monday, January 10, 2011

Let us not forget that MAZE is coming...

[...Maia Station struggles to survive the inhospitable winter in the maze, stumbles into a cave, finding...]

            Light flickered in the dark, a puff of neon cotton floating in the air like a wind-blown seed.

            It was speaking, I think. I could hear something like a voice at the edge of sound, pulsing like an engine in the background of the air.

            "Did you say something?" It hurt to speak. My throat burned. I was rasping. I couldn't understand myself. I thought I tasted blood in my throat from speaking.

            I listened closely.

            Put-me-in-your-lung-put-me-in-your-lung-put-me-in-your-lung-put me-in...

            "What are you?” My lips cracked, and I was bleeding. I licked at the blood with my tongue. It tasted good.


            I wanted to. I wanted to help the light. I had been a helpful person on the station, where we were friendly to each other and tried to help. Whatever it was, I couldn't help it. How could I help the light if I was dying? "No," I said. I curled away. I was in a strange land. I was starving to death. "You need to help me. I need food and water. I'm dying."


            The light came closer to me. I backed away farther.

            "Help me, and I'll help you."

            The light quieted, like it was thinking.


[...Coming in March from Apex Books...]

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