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Thursday, May 12, 2011

In Case You Were Wondering, I'm an Interstitial Artist...

I bet regular readers may be bone-weary of this material by now, but if you aren't, I wrote an article for Interfictions Zero about the Mosaic Text, and it comes with a beautiful illustration by Michael Kaluta!

I am going to make a huge presumptive leap. I'm going to propose that there exists such a thing as a Mosaic Novel, as I will define it contrary and in addition to any definitions that may already exist from any number of critics. In this imaginary category, individual pieces of story, potentially disjointed from other pieces of story, are arranged into the shape of a narrative. This whole shape, comprised of and beyond the individual pieces, reveals more than the sum of the parts of each of its fictional segments or sections. In fact, placing the pieces into this shape invites interconnectivity that allows the imagination to fill in the blank spaces.

Read the rest over there!

(Of note, my google alerts tells me my notion is catching on across the internet: I hope I started something good among writers!)

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