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Friday, May 27, 2011

There is a CONTEST so what are the prizes?

As I mentioned yesterday, there is a contest. By the end of day, Saturday, post a review of any of my available titles, and you will be entered into a drawing. Each review you post and repost at any of the review sites of the world will get you entered into the contest.

There will be two winners. There are two prizes. You get one.

First, for any aspiring writer out there, one prize is a critique of up to 8,000 words of fiction, wither a story or part of a story. I've published dozens of stories in magazines as prominent as Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Weird Tales, and Escape Pod!

Second, for any interested readers, I've got a PDF of my forthcoming novel MAZE. People have been asking me about MAZE. People have called me on the phone to ask about MAZE. Apex is running behind schedule in all their publications, and MAZE is not scheduled for sometime! But, you could get it early! All you have to do is enter this contest, and if you win, you get a copy of MAZE early!

Post a review to any of my work, NEVER KNEW ANOTHER, LAST DRAGON, the short, inexpensive novelette DEATH MASK AND EULOGY, or even the very short I AM NATURE released with Alien Shots, and you can review them anywhere, like Librarything, Amazon,, GoodReads, Barnes and Noble, your personal blog, or anywhere else at all! Just link me to your review to be entered (sankgreall gmail com). Reposting your review counts as a new entry, and will get you entered again.

But, when I'm drawing names out of a hat, I will make sure there are more than one winners. You can only win once!

Not a lot of folks have entered, yet, so your odds are very good!

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