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Monday, January 28, 2013

Where Are Your Tribes

Tribalism happens. Being different from the tribe will get you voted off the island. Everyone is different from one another, but its sort of like how when you're driving and the cops are patrolling for speeders and no one's going the speed limit because its impossible, but you just want to look like you're not the fastest or the slowest.

Every thing about you that makes you a little different from others, a little more complicated or intense, holds you back. Everyone wants a company man, who is all in. Look like your boss. Maintain the status quo of how to live by looking around and seeing what everyone else is doing. Find a place where your natural way of being is not constrained too much by what you are expected to do.

Be different and everything that separates you from the center of expectation drives you closer to the edge where the tribe turns its back on you, and decides you aren't one of them.

Writing, thank goodness, is a way to change where the center flows and re-write the road maps of expectations. Where are your tribes? Are you writing to change the flow closer to a better, happier, more beautiful world among your tribe?

I'm trying to get very still, and very normal, and very much the person that everyone expects. I'm doing this to reach the center of the current flow patterns and push.

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