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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Year's best not done

I have been working on a year's best list and it isnt done.

Overlooked books of the year, though:

Spider in a Tree by Susan Stinson is absolutely beautiful and it hasn't been mentioned enough around about town.

Revolutions by Felix Gilman is another reminder why he is some kind of monster, here to reshape and invent the literary duology. If duologies ever truly become a "thing" it will be because Gilman keeps writing such fantastic duologies and people will point and say, "That is how they should be done! See! Like that!". Each book is distinct, yet clearly related. Each world seen twice, is seen fully and left for other worlds.

Elysium by Jenn Brissett is out from a small press and could easily be overlooked. Please, don't. It is fabulous, and makes me feel like I am not alone in genre with my fractured and fragmented impulses. People who like my books will love Jenn's.

No links, yet, but you know how to find books in stores, right?

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