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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hot Take on Genre Awards Thing

I actually don't really care very much, either way, but it is fascinating to see true human stupidity at play from Sad Puppies who want that pin so badly they'd blow up the very award to get it.

So, if you game the rules to a major genre award to suit your agenda because you feel your work and work you like is not properly honored by the field, what you actually accomplish is not a domination of the center of the field. Rather, you merely pull the major award over to your dull, lifeless obscurity. You win the battle; you win all the fancy trophies; not a one of them will mean anything, though, because you will still be an obscure, miserable hack. And, the award that used to mean the world to you, will not mean the world to anyone else. Good job, Sad puppies. You know, winning all the awards wont mean that people like you, or buy your books, or take your ideas seriously, right? If you "win" by gaming the system, it isn't mysterious, and it just means everyone likes you less for bullying the field, and making the major awards in the field as pointless as you are.

So, trolls out to agenda a Hugo? Yeah, you're really dumb if you think this will somehow make your agenda front and center after the firestorm implode on internet fury.

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