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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Asimov Drop

So, in honor of my short story, "Paul and His Son" in the April/May 2014 Asimov's Magazine, which was recommended by Locus Magazine and Lois Tilton here, Apex Publications is doing a price drop on the eBook of the short story collection, DISINTEGRATION VISIONS, down to just $.99 for the month of April.

So, one could easily pick up a copy of Asimov's Magazine (or a subscription, which is also good) and check out "Paul and his Son" here:

Then, go to one of the many on-line venues for eBooks, for instance DriveThruStuff or the Apex Website. (Okay, the latter doesn't seem to have the new price updated, yet, but it will, soon.) I know the price drop will be going out to all the major on-line vendors, so check in this week as the update goes through.

Hooray for special price promotions!

(This is not an April Fools Joke, by the way. I am not foolish. I tell no jokes, ever.)

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