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Monday, June 15, 2020

Sonnet #296

If someone is going to have a monster, then
I have decided I should have it, first. Why not?
It will follow where I lead it, and menace and cause hurt
To them. It will be my monster. Mine. Before they can.

If we must live in a world of monsters, which we do
And I must live in a world afraid of all of you
And who will get the first monster to do for them and do 
It's best if I have the monster. I'm responsible, you

Will only use a monster to hurt me
So I will hurt you first, this pain I have
This fear, I give it all. The monster howls for me
I feed the monster, pet it, name it, I am brave
The monster will always respect the leash and me

It will bend to me - I'm sure it will - and never turn to leave

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