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Monday, June 15, 2020

Sonnet #298

Heads you win - Tails I lose, so all that's left
Is to hope the coin lands on its side
And sticks there, a lucky break, my ride
to greatness counts on this, no theft
Just legal limbo in the corners of the rules
Where you and I can tie a little, and I
can take a little bit of what you hide
And the rules you write for me, my tools
Otherwise must belong to you and work
To make you richer, but I pay to toss the coin
My entry fee is paid, and I will never shirk
My duties, but I'm feeling lucky, and I think I'll join
Your club if this coin lands just so, I smirk
before you throw it up, because I believe in coins
When I'm one of you, I'll call the unlucky ones jerks

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