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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Changes and Cranes and Sorrow

 I’m off social media, so I can’t just casually post a link and pray it goes viral (not that it ever did, to be honest) but I am also going through some significant changes at home, and so I thought I’d mention that I have a book available for sale that you might have missed!

Sorrow of the Cranes is a great all ages book appropriate for any kid old enough for books with mikk no inal or no pictures, and adults as old as nearly dropping dead. It has received high praise already from some major review sites, but like all quiet, little books, I doubt the Kaiju Preservation Society will even know it exists. Unless, of course, you, fair reader, take a moment to investigate and share your thoughts on this title wherever such thoughts are beat and effectively shared.

I wish a dedicated fan would print up a QR code under a picture of the cover that links directly to a sales link, and posts them all over their respective town and country. I’d love to stumble one day to someone who loved my book so much, they printed up a flyer and posted on a lamp post and no one even knows I’d encounter it, at all. I have always wondered how much work I must do and for how long until people care enough to just put it on a piece of paper and post it out somewhere people will see, a graffiti lind of love, a rude and hurried kind of affection for an experience that is so personal as reading a book.

Maybe you could be the one whose little homemade billboard I encounter?

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