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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Fiscal Responsibility and Bloodshed

 Apparently, factions in this country believe the solution to the problem of guns in schools, is throwing more guns at school. Arm teachers with guns, which is not at all remotely an unsafe idea in the chaos of a classroom with an authority figure handling frustrating and complicated interactions. Put more police in schools, to really ramp up the illusion of securit. Do this because that’s more important than preventing a disgruntled 18 year old from legally purchasing two long guns, and however many rounds of ammunition, and charging a school and barricading himself inside of it.

If guns made us safer, why are we living in such a dangerous country?

Also, who on the side of fiscal responsibility thinks paying to beef up security in school is more financially responsible than just keeping guns out of hands of people who have no need for them.

Guns are just a tool, and they are not toys. They are treated like toys, and the will to keep them as toys to create an illusion of power is a profound brain disease in our country. Guns are tools, not toys, and should be treated like a tool that’s caused a major epidemic of violence and misery that’s changed the very fabric of public life. 

Except some people are afraid they will lose their toys.

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