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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


i was thinking about kelly link's short story "lull".

wouldn't it be beautiful if we were actually moving through time the other direction?

hands and bodies meander around the cosmos picking up the pieces of cells that must return to home. words we speak - most of them evil - actually disappear from the air where we collect them and negate them inside of our mouths. filth enters into us, and out from our mouths come glorious feasts that return to tables, and then return to packages, and then return to farms. butchers place slices of meat back together until a cow is born. grain returns to ground, returns to seed.

people meander this planet recovering their lost cells. cells do not split, but - rather - merge - and merge until we find our one, truly perfect cell that is the ultimate expression of self. that cell finds negation in the cells of others. families pour backwards towards an adam, an eve.

return to water, return to seed, return to dust.

the dust returns to cosmos, and cosmos returns to one tight ball of hydrogen, and all is unity and in union, and the end of the universe is a cosmic unity of order, like atomic nirvana.

wouldn't it be more beautiful to move the other way through time?

i was thinking about this because i read kelly link's short story, "lull".

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