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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good-bye Texas

As excited as I am about my new job, I am very sad to say good-bye to everyone here in Tejas.

But, since each and every one of you crazy geeks would do exactly the same thing I'm doing at the drop of a hat if the opportunity presented itself, I don't feel bad.

Also, I'll be back. All I have to do to find you all is attend a Texas Sci-Fi Convention, right? You're all there, already. Heck, I bet I'll see a bunch of you at WorldCons and World Fantasy Cons.

I should write something poetic and beautiful about this place, but I can't. Texas has been my home a long time. It's my definition of what normal is, in my head. I write about strange things, which means I write about things that are "not Texas" in my head. I couldn't tell you one thing about this place. I know too many things. I know too many people.

So, good-bye, everyone! Since we all live in the future with internets and planes, I know we'll all still be in touch!

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Charles said...

Have a safe trip!