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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hey, Just so we're ll clear on my schedule...

Howdy folks!

I've gotten a couple e-mails about this from unnamed sources. I thought I'd take a moment to make it all official-like with a full blog post about it.

Yes, I'm moving to Atlanta.(Alpharetta, to be precise).

I will be in attendance at ConDFW.

All other conventions are off the table until I get a solid handle on my new gig, and my new digs.

I will try to make WorldCon, and World Fantasy.


Probably not.

Assume no, unless I actually, physically show up. Even then, it might not be me. It might be a J M Mcdermott impersonator. I've noticed an uptick in fan mail. (Which is awesome!) I'm still anxiously awaiting the level of fan devotion that Cory Doctorow has, wherein there is an officially-sanctioned costume and mode of transportation.

In other news, a re-issue of a frikkin' INCREDIBLE book is coming soon. I'm very happy to see this title coming back into print. I read it via the library, and I've been looking for a copy to add to my permanent collection for future reading enjoyment and study.


Charles said...

You and your primitive technology.

The solution is simple: create McDermott clones! Or failing that, miniature teleportation devices.

Lsrry said...

Let me guess - Eye of Argon is back in print now?

Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing you -- or your body double -- at ConDFW.