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Monday, February 2, 2009

Locus keeps attributing my book to "J T McDermott"

I don't know who that J T McDermott person is, but if I ever find him/her, I will punch him/her in the nose. Stealing cred for my book on the very awesome Locus Recommended reading List is enough to merit a knuckle sandwich!

(Seriously, I've dropped more than one e-mail to Locus editors about this in the past, and I've pretty much accepted that it will be a long time before I'm famous enough for everyone to get my initials right...)

(Hey... Maybe I do have impersonators out there, calling themselves "J T"? Is it a clone? Did someone clone me when I wasn't noticing? I know I've been to some skanky hostels in Europe last winter, especially that one in East Berlin, but I never woke up in a bathtub full of ice with a cellphone set to dial an ambulance, so I assumed I was okay. I only ever woke up hungover. I need to be more careful next time.)


Unknown said...

Congratulations, JT!


Anonymous said...

Locus attributed one of my stories to "Patrice Smith" so I think it happens pretty often.

Pony English said...


Did you ever stop to think that maybe Locus created an amalgamation of you and the hip-hop artist/singer/phenom J.T. of N 'Sync fame?


Janet said...

Congratulations anyway. At least they got the link right. ;o)

And I bet you're more tickled than annoyed.