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Saturday, March 5, 2011

About to go down to the Tech area to put up fliers

I'm not even convinced this will be an effective use of resources. I'm about to go and put up flyers as if a book signing were a punk rock show, as if people find punk rock shows based on flyers, as if people will come to the event who would not otherwise just because they saw a poster for it on their way to work or class or whatever.

When I see flyers around town for lost pets, I think to myself that the cat is probably already gone and this is as much a catharsis for the owner of the pet, to post their longing like this, all over the neighborhood, to feel like the pet-owner has "done" something, however meaningless.

When I see flyers for events, they are generally skanky events that involve half-naked women, or the promise of half-naked women, to urge me to some club or bar or place that wouldn't be out of place on an episode of Jersey Shore. Which is to say, not for me.

There's so much noise in the city, so many things trying to grab my eyes and hold them and slow me down to a pause. Will anyone see the flyer? I doubt it. This is just a catharsis, to walk around the city and put up flyers and hope and hope and hope... It's more for me than you. It's more for me, to find the neighborhood, and see all the people there on a rainy afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I always read the fliers at Starbucks or the post office and always wish for something more interesting to be there. Instead I only find the standard washer drier for sale & the "Rent A Bull". Well placed I think they would be a good resourse. Remember to hit up libraries!

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