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Monday, March 7, 2011

Some Reviews that appear on-line and update on flyers

From Barnes & Noble's Book Club, and the venerable Paul Goat Allen:

The latest novel from J.M. McDermott (after Last Dragon) – the first installment of his Dogsland trilogy – is one of those “ripple effect” reads, a haunting, sublime story that works on your subconscious long after the reading experience is over. The themes powering Never Knew Anotherare like the concentric circles rippling outward from the locus point of where a pebble has been tossed into a still pond...

Read the whole review:

Also, this is an older review, but one I've never posted here, dedicated to LAST DRAGON, which is back in print! Hooray!

Here's word from "Fantasy With Bite" some time ago, that is now suddenly relevant considering the book is back in print!

It's truly a memorable book, the kind you want to go back and read again because once you get all of the pieces of the puzzle, you want to see if you can glean anything new to make the piece fit together in a new or better way.

Read the whole review:

I want all of my books to succeed. All of them. Along these lines, I want to hold a special contest to celebrate the reprint of LAST DRAGON, involving you! And reprinting!

Details to come soon!

Also, a quick update about the flyers I was determined to put up over at GA Tech. I drove down there, and (hooray for nerves about my first signing in years in a new city and a new book!) forgot to bring anything with me that could be used to attach said flyers to walls and boards and lampposts. Alas, thus trounced, I went home. Yesterday, it was raining, and I thought I would go out after the rain. I fell into writing a new novel so much so that by the time I realized I was supposed to put up flyers, it was late at night, and time for bed.

This morning, I thought about doing it, but the thought of it suddenly scared me too much to imagine actually doing. The thought of walking around Midtown Atlanta on a Monday afternoon, trying to strategically place flyers in some fashion as to impact the arrival of people, on a Thursday, to come to a booksigning, seemed... Well, not quite as useful as working on a new book.

I'm going to need to put a crew together. A crew of people who can help me put flyers up. Left to my own devices, I am a big, late wuss, who feels, frankly, embarrassed to put up flyers and leave them around for people to look at and scoff at and squint at. I mean, it's hard for me to think of my book as remotely as important as a lost dog or cat, and I'd be using up space best reserved for such important things. Club flyers, though, get covered over with impunity.

I have a book signing coming up at a Books-A-Million in a mall in Atlanta a couple weeks, and anyone in the Atlanta area wants to help me put a flyer up somewhere or anywhere, drop me a line. It's been too long since I've worked in sales, and I've let my skillsets crumble. I'm thinking of going to sell cars for a while, just to be surrounded by people who have that crazy, somewhat scary set of skills. Maybe it'll rub off on me. With the evil.


LAST DRAGON is out and reprinted and available. If you read it and liked it, please tell people about the new availability! (Because if it is a successful print run, I can afford to buy a new pair of pants. I need new pants. You do want me to be wearing pants, don't you?)

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