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Friday, March 25, 2011

CANCELATION! OH NO! Books-A-Million is an ABORT

So, there was supposed to be a signing tomorrow.

There was supposed to be a bunch of books handy and ready to sign, and etc. Alas, there was an ordering error on the part of the store and the truck that came in today whiffed the order of copies of my book, leaving them back at the warehouse.

Ordering errors happen all the time. Usually the trucks aren't scheduled to arrive with the orders a day or two before the signing, so people have time to correct the error before the event. Alas, the truck's arrival last night does not give us time to figure out an alternate way to fix their whiffed ordering invisibly behind the scenes.


But, here's what I'm going to do, instead.

Instead of going to Discover Mills Mall, let's go to a nearby Barnes and Noble, where I know they have a couple copies, at least, and if anyone wants to bring something in for me to sign, I'll be there. Anyone wants to hang out, I'll be around.

I won't be there in any official capacity, just hanging out at the store cafe for folks that want to get stuff signed, meet me, and stuff like that. The store's website says they have copies of NEVER KNEW ANOTHER in stock, and I'm all for helping them sell out of that stock. I actually really like this particular store because a writer's group I attend when time permits meets there, and the store has always been very good to the group.

I'll be going to the Lawrenceville Barnes and Noble at 2205 Pleasant Hill Road, in Duluth GA. I'll be there all afternoon, in the cafe. According to the Barnes and Noble website, that location does have copies in stock, and if they run out, I might have a few extra... Also, I've got stuff I could give away that's pretty cool stuff. T-Shirts, for instance, from LAST DRAGON's launch party back on '08... Extra copies of some litmags where I'm in the magazine... Who knows what will be left by the time you get there?

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