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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dogsland 3 is coming. Have you read #2?

I'm toiling away at the editing side of Dogsland #3 right now. As I'm writing this, I'm actually pretty close, with just a couple scenes to fold in and adjust around a little to tie up some loose ends.

Have you read Dogsland #2? When We Were Executioners is a great title, but it is also a book that critics seemed to like.

Have you picked it up in stores? Here let me help you with a simple link.

You should totally pick that up right there. Strange Horizons agrees.

But, you know the other reason you should do it is because that way I can stop posting blog posts begging for people to buy my things and I can focus on other content. I can interview people, instigate blog trouble and open discussion about things that you might prefer to talk about.

For instance, I could be blogging right now about these books I'm reading in a pile beside my desk. Geoff Ryman's THE KING'S LAST SONG is pretty epic, I must say. Vidal's CREATION is a bit tedious, line-by-line, honestly, but the historical detail is nice.

But I can't talk about that, though, because more of you nice people out there should be checking out Dogsland #2, WHEN WE WERE EXECUTIONERS, in preparation for the book I'm finalizing right now.

Go forth. Tell your friends. Etc.

(Why does the push to promote a book end in the third month of release? Isn't it silly when most books stay on shelves for just about forever, now, in our digital future/present?)


Nathan said...

I tell everyone I know about the first two Dogsland books. Incredible. I am so excited to see any updates on the third one. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update! I absolutely loved Last Dragon, recently stumbled upon your website and picked up the Dogsland books, I literally just finished the second one. Excellent work, I'm spreading the word!