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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dogsland is coming soon...

I turned in the manuscript to the last Dogsland novel to Ross Lockheart. I also just got back from ConDFW and I don't think it is wise to go to conventions the weekend before a manuscript is due. I went home early every night and slept ten hours to catch up a little, which was good. Being too tired to give of myself to the Con is bad. My takeaway was that hybrid careers are working for all the authors that are doing them, and working with publishers at every distribution level seems to be working for everyone who is doing it. Also, attendance looked way down. Every convention I've been to but DragonCon, attendance looks down. What is going on out there? It looks like the old ways are changing and we are transitioning into new things.  Am I wrong? Is this not a true observation? Is attendance up at your conventions but I don't see the numbers right? I admit it is an observation based on counting heads in the rooms on a Saturday, but I could be seeing what others are seeing, right?

I am going to clean a filthy house that happens after deadlines. I am going to curl up with a book for a night. Tomorrow the engines of creation rev up to life again.

I will be reading CHICK BASSIST from Lazy Fascist Press and I have high hopes.

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Brett said...

Congratulations on turning in the manuscript. I'm looking forward to that book.

It could be that the Cons are consolidating, with smaller ones failing with their attendees absorbed into larger ones.