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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fencon IV recapped

Fencon IV was most fun. If you ever meet author Steve Perry, ask him to do his superman television show recreations. Also, Connie Willis is just as nice as you always heard she was.

And, of course, the panels were interesting. Today I attended one about Fast Draft by author of Charmed and Dangerous, and lots of other stuff, Candace Havens.

(I know, Candace, I should have been taking notes like everyone else, but I have my system and I will NOT mess with it. And, I am only looking for little tips to improve the system I got. And, I learned what I needed, and took the tips you had that applied to me.)

Since NanoWriMo is right around the corner, let me point you here:

First-time novelists, or anyone looking for some good first draft advice, can find good info there.

Other then that, little bits and anecdotes will probably pop up later. In the mean time, let's see some pictures.

Connie Willis and some weird guy, who always had to take a moment to remind himself that he does - in fact - speak English every time he was in the vicinity of this fantastic author:

Many Girls in costumes, one of them dressed like J M McDermott:

Hey, isn't that a YardDogPress author, and one of the four redheads of the apocalypse, Rhonda Eudaly?

Yes, and don't tell her husband I have a picture of her in the special "art show dress"...

edit: After reviewing all the pictures, my favorite was the quidditch player. She had a fen-tastic costume, with lots of groovy details. She also offered to let me hold her Nimbus, and any girl who lets a Muggle hold their Nimbus is definitely awesome.

But, this was a difficult decision, that took careful surveying and re-surveying of all the photos taken of me with the many girls in costumes.

Um, I'm sleepy. And, I'm going to go watch some football.

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