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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

story i'm working on right now...

I'm working on this story right now. Here's a taste of it - that tastes like bugs.

"Then, I saw Kavith. His skin had gone from caramel brown to glowing red. He had bugs in his hand – red ones – that he had plucked from the walls. He swallowed them whole.

Inusha didn’t seem to freak out about this.

Lancaster didn’t seem to freak out about this.

Kavith’s eyes flashed red, brighter than his glowing skin. I smiled and his teeth were covered in red fluids from the bugs he had chewed down.

I held my breath. I watched in horror. I couldn’t hear the crunching sounds because of all the bugs singing, but watching Kavith pluck bugs from the walls and devour them, I heard them in my mind. I heard the chewing noises, and the squishing, and the screaming of the terrified bug.

Then, Lancaster led us all – Kavith with us now and the red in his skin fading away when we turned our lights back on – up the dry line, away from the bugs. We kept walking uphill until we reached a gated entrance to the sewer line right above a river. If it rained, and the river rose, the water would run down into the sewers, and who knows where it went from there."

i just ordered this magazine and i look forward to it very much:

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