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Saturday, September 29, 2007

J M McD has got a crazy scheme

So, lots of folks are interested in Wizards of the Coast's open call. One question I hear a lot is what kind of books they're buying. Nobody seems to have a real clue because the books aren't out yet. People ask me about it everytime I mention it among writers (and lots of you readers are writers, I know...)

Well, I have a book they bought. I want to increase readership of said book.

Here's my plan - see if you want to participate - I've got one chapter that should give you all a really good idea what kind of book this company just bought. I'll only show you one. Not two. Not three. Not five. Just one.

You must #1 Promise me you will respect Copyright. You will open the file. You will read the file. You may talk freely about the content of the file, but you mustn't cut and paste the file, or alter the file, or post the file to Scribd.

I ask that you #2 mention in your blog, or website, or favorite message board (preferably not one I attend to regularly, folks...) that you got to take a peek at the first chapter of LAST DRAGON by J M MCDERMOTT available in FEBRUARY 2008 from WIZARDS OF THE COAST DISCOVERIES. If you'd like, you can scribe a little mini-review of just that chapter saying you liked it or not, and why.

Easy, right?

If a friend or a family member want to take a peek, too, go ahead and send them the file, unaltered, with the rules (which are also written out in the file, so even if you forget they should see it first).

I'm hoping they do #2, like the book enough to buy it, and tell their friends about it and pass on the first chapter to others.

I'm also hoping that all of you writers out there will get a better idea of what Wizards of the Coast is buying by getting at least a small sample of something they bought.

You can get my e-mail from my profile.

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