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Thursday, September 27, 2007

a shout out to charles tan, my main man in manila

i vanity google. it's an obsession. i also watch the amazon ranking go up and down. but mainly i vanity google. i found this:

Bibliophile Stalker: Wizards of the Coast Discoveries Open Call

charles tan, on his blog, is the very first person that i do not personally know who is excited about my book. i know lots of people in the interweb that mostly complain that their favorite shared world is being ignored in early 2008. they can suck it. my main main in manila, charles tan has posted excitement about my book.

he is the first person to do so.

if i had a free copy of my book to mail to him, i would do it. because charles tan is my main man in manila, and i am very happy to see such a crazed lover of all things fantasy to demonstrate honest excitement about my book.

i lift this cup of tea to you, charles tan, my main man in manila!

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Charles said...

Thanks! I think in the long run, if anyone needs publicity, it's guys like you (and me). I mean the best-sellers and famous established authors, people will seek them out. As for the rest, we need to inform people and it's up to them whether to decide to read your book or not. But they have to know it exists in the first place and as diverse as the line of published books are, there's still a lot ground that's not covered. Looking forward to what you'll do with your novel.