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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

all right, let's play a fun, new internet game.

I want to do for my lovely little book what XKCD did for chess.

Take my book somewhere cool. Read it. Take a photo.

Be on a roller coaster. Be on a helicopter. Be on the roof. Be in the middle of a rock show. Be behind the bar working at your local Starbucks. Be driving. Be riding a pony. Be at the World Series. Be hugging a presidential candidate. Be underwater. Be purple.

Have your cats and dogs reading the book. Have your little daughters and babies reading the book.

Take pictures. Send them to me @ sankgreall and I will post any and all photos (this is a family friendly blog, folks: no nudity or gore!) to the blog.

Let's make this lots of fun.

Anyone who gets their pictures posted to my blog will receive a LAST DRAGON button in the mail.

Play as often as you like, purple party people.

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