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Thursday, February 7, 2008

happy lent everybody

The young woman raids a drawer below the counter for sweetener to refill the counter’s container. Then, when the drawer below the counter wears thin, the young woman goes to the back room to the larger box there, full of sweetener. When the box runs down, they send for another from a warehouse full of boxes of sweetener. The warehouse, when it runs low on boxes of sweetener goes to a larger building – a factory – where the machines wrestle sweetener from the sugarcane. The sugarcane comes from an even larger place – Florida – which must, naturally, get its supply of cane seeds from an even larger place, indeed: Nature. Nature gets the supply from an equally larger place, I’m certain, but one that I cannot wrap my keyboard around, at the moment.

Dip your hand into the bin, and touch through the economic wires the space larger than yourself in the system, larger than everything.

It tastes so sweet.

Happy Lent, everybody. Don’t give up on the sweetener in your quest for self-enlightenment.

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