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Monday, February 11, 2008

cool contest courtesy of Jeff VanderMeer

Dip your toe into the valley of the true and strange right *here*

I actually don't consider myself "New Weird". This stuff was going on for years before I started writing good.

I consider myself kind of whatever is going to happen after New Weird.

I actually like the term "Fabulist" better. "Weird" comes loaded with "Weird Tales Magazine" connections. Fabulism nudges us up next to Borges, Calvino, and Kafka.

"Weird Fabulist", maybe?

Oh, well. I'll just keep reading the discussion over at Kathryn Cramer's blog. Ooh, or I'll peruse a copy of this book in stores right now:

Hey, another interesting thing that I feel I must mention. YA authors do not get the same New Weird respekt, and that stinks.

Want to raise some Weird Fabulist kids?

This is going to be dated as tomorrow's blog entry. Today, I have time to post twice. Tomorrow, I will not have time to post at all.

And, I - for one - entered the contest. So, if you win this contest, you can brag that you beat J M McDermott in a Weirdness/Writing contest. That would be mad bragging rights, because I am exceptionally weird, and lots of people seem to think I can write better than an electric turnip with a large bottle of flaming ink.

Hm, actually, I think the electric turnip would have me beat with or without a large bottle of flaming ink.

And, now I also really want an electric turnip.

That is all. Carry on.

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