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Friday, February 29, 2008


today, at the art museum, i watched a gentleman sit down at a bench.

then, he took off his suit jacket.

he folded his suit jacket and draped it over his arm.

then, in the middle of a somewhat crowded art museum, he took off his belt.

i held my breath, hoping that was the end of my adventure today. please, god, let that be all he does tonight...

and, it was.


in other news, i just heard from Cat Rambo of "Fantasy Magazine" and their lovely publication has just picked up a story of mine called "Gods of the Spiderhole".


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Pony English said...

I once watched an old man in a faded brown tweed suit take all the AV equipment from the rooms in my Public Saftey building. No one stoped him and asked what he was doing. I think only I noticed him. Out of place. What was he going to do with all those vcr's?