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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I should throw another contest...

In the interest of shameless self-promotion, I would like to throw a new contest.

The Winner will recieve a secret box of mystical power including things that have been scribbled upon related to the book, LAST DRAGON, totally collectable and geeky. The main prize is actually extremely rare, and only two like it exist in the universe.

Runner up prizesd shall be awarded, as well, but will likely just be a cool, little button.

What do I want?

1) You must tell people about this contest.

2) You must select a character from LAST DRAGON, and scribe at least one paragraph of original fan fiction wherein you or someone you like to write about meets this character, and what happens when such a meeting occurs. Length must be at least 25 words, but no more than 4,000. Quality has nothing to do with your odds of victory, so feel free to suck. (This can be any character, whether a mustachioed, anonymous waiter or Adel, herself.)

3) Winners of prior contests are eligible to re-enter. This prize is very different, very rare, and very collectible. I'd feel remiss if I didn't allow anyone to try again after this prize.

4) Your deadline is me leaving for Apollocon, which begins on June 27. I will select a winner before I leave for Apollocon. I will read the winning entry during my reading period at Apollocon.

Winners will be selected randomly via a mystical process involving a frog puppet, frozen cauliflower, and magic markers. In otherwords, victory will be randomized. The point isn't to sweat the gruelling process of the prosaic, but to have fun. Thus, frog puppet, frozen cauliflowers, and magic markers. This isn't a writing contest. It's a literary lottery.

How to enter:

1) First send me an e-mail where you can show me where you've told people about this contest.

2) Second, send me an e-mail where you can show me your entry into the contest.

3) These must be two different places. If you post both to your blog, that's fine, just make sure they are part of separate entries on your blog.

What am I giving away?

Hint: There's only two in the entire world. One is already in the hands of a hoarding friend/fan. The only other one in creation is collecting dust on my bookshelf. I ought to give it away before I accidentally destroy it with coffee and/or spring cleaning.

I'll take a picture of what I'm giving away in a couple weeks. Scholars and librarians would be most interested in this item, someday.

Don't forget to have fun!

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