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Saturday, June 7, 2008

is neil gaiman actually the doctor?

i pose to you this quandary. neil gaiman, fabulist of the highest order and spinner of tales that crack open the cosmos, and everyone's favorite british alien, the "doctor", are, in fact, one and the same person.

for instance, the ninth doctor, played by christopher eccleston, dresses in a manner quite similar - nay, nearly *exactly* - like neil gaiman. like the doctor, neil gaiman has knowledge of alternate realities nigh unmatched on this earth. often, he is followed by a companion (mr. gaiman may refer to her as a personal assistant, or somesuch term, but don't believe him). also, mr. gaiman seems to think nothing of jaunting all over the world as if it were his own, personal playground. his sunny, experimental and seemingly tireless demeanor is quite on target with the doctor's energetic ways.

in fact, i wouldn't be surprised to discover that the doctor decided to settle down a while, and scribes true stories of people and things encountered.

for further proof, study the films and fictions...

i'm telling you, i think neil gaiman is actually the eleventh incarnation of doctor who.

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Lola said...

I buy it. Which just makes him cooler in my book. I wish I were going to Clarion this summer. He was going to be one of the instructor. I'll have to become his trusted friend another way I guess.

Kill the current companion and offer to take her place? I think it's doable.