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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

been reading about the economic crisis lots...

i been reading lots about the economic crisis. gots a couple things to say out loud.

1) Isn't the republican party the one that's supposed to be all fiscally conservative and tuned into the problems of the banking giants? Shouldn't they have seen this one coming years ago?

2) So, the party that doesn't want to nationalize healthcare just picked up insurance giant AIG?

3) So, the party that talks small government and narrow powers just pushed for the largest expansion in government authority since the great depression? And they have already increased government size and scope and mission in untold numerous ways creating the larget government of all American history?

4) So, um... The reason Bush's public opinion poll numbers matter is because the only power he has in times like this is to go to the public and unite support all over the country for his grand, sweeping plan. But, people, in general, think he's not doing a good job. We don't trust him. We don't trust his plans. And, we all kinda think he's probably to blame for this because people knew this problem was brewing for quite some time. Popularity matters because now Bush can't hammer home a necessary fix to the nation's economy with minimal haggling.

Anyway, that's all I got. I been saying this quite a while. I'm a conservative. That's why I vote Democrat.

I sure hope this gets resolved quick. Everything I've been reading makes this look like an incredible shitstorm created by - *gasp* - unfettered banker greed! ("Look at how we can dupe all these people into buying houses they can't afford, then sell those debts for a profit to banks that love to rake in those late fees! Woohoo! We're making money off the poor and middle-class hand over fist! Wait... What's that? We just caused an international economic collapse with our unfettered greed?")

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Sparrowhawk said...

Oh silly...that's not what "conservative" means anymore. It doesn't mean actually "conservative". It just means you think gay people are icky and that this is a Christian nation and that myths (intelligent design) should be taught in science classes. The classic definition of an actual conservative is dead.

Lola said...

I was interested to find that at A&M won't let the Aggie Democrats make t-shirts that are maroon or actually say Aggie on them. lol. However I see Beat the Hell Out of Obama shirts (in maroon) all over campus.

Very interesting...I thought college campuses were supposed to be broadminded places.

Anonymous said...

trying to smallify government is like going on a diet. You end up only getting larger. The government grew under Reagan and Bush 1 and again under Shrub. And here comes McCain again, spouting the same old battle cry: "Hail to the private sector! Down with big government!"

Since we all know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, I think it's pretty clear that the Republicans are insane.

J m mcdermott said...

Don't be so down on Insanity, Anonymouse. I've found my own insanity very comforting and the only way to handle insane times.

Also, I think both parties have their lunatic fringes. I look forward to the day when the debate returns to Democrat v Republican instead of Democrat v Batshit Crazy.

Big government? Small government? How about one with a balanced budget for once?

Lola said...

Budgets can be balanced? I never knew if I learned about money from the government rather than my accountant mother.

Anonymous said...

oops, anonymous was me. Sorry. Yeah, a balanced budget might be nice.