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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

fun watching the "also bought" part of foreign amazons...

So's I've had fun watching what books show up in the "customers who bought [LAST DRAGON by J M McDermott] also bought..." over at the various Amazons.

What makes me really happy? Seeing a whole bunch of neat stuff show up in both Amazon France (, and Amazon Germany ( This makes me very happy.

However, I must say Amazon UK is disappointing. My sales rank is dismal, and the only other thing the three or four Brits bought was a couple books by Neal Asher. You know what makes me happy? Diversity in that listing.

For instance, the massive sea of goodness that results from the Amazon customers in the US who bought my book, and who seem to have consistently impeccable taste in fantasy fiction. Seeing that listing at Amazon US always makes me smile.

(I'm still waiting to see last quarter's reporting, so I have no clue what my actual numbers are, so don't even ask. I don't know. I have no idea. Go check out some of the many fine texts listed in the "also bought" while you wait. That's what I'm doing.)

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