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Thursday, September 11, 2008

feeling strange?

I turned around, and I had sprouted a wing. Poof. Just one, from my left shoulderblade. It isn't very large. It's only barely bigger than my palm. It's kind of bat-shaped, or demon-shaped. It isn't bird-like at all.

Just the one. I flap it and flap it. I don't fly. I think I'm going to hide it under my jacket, like a hump.

Then, walking around, I'll notice people with humps. I'll ask them if they sprouted just one wing. If I find someone who has a right wing, we can tie ourselves together at the belt. We can flap our asses off. We can get really high on crazy uppers, and flap those two wings. Then, we'll take off like a hummingbird.

Do you have a wing? Just one? Sprouting from your right shoulder blade?

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