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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Football season has started.

Which is why there is no update today.

Tomorrow, there will be coolness. Not tonight. Tonight, I am still watching football.

Feel free to discuss something in the comments. For instance, who would win in a football match: Star Trek Classic, or Star Trek: The Next Generation?



Anonymous said...

Next Gen, they have worf who's stronger even then spock so just give him the ball and give him a direction to run and mission accomplished. thanks for coming on fri

J m mcdermott said...

Data, I think, is the ace in the hole for the NExt Genners, but never underestimate the power of endless disposable redshirts.

Lola said...

AND! Next Generation had the badass female bartender full of sage advice played by none other than Whoopi. She would have wrecked shop and kicked some ass with like secret trick plays or something. lol.
But Jean Luc would have brought them down I think. I can't image him being much help. Maybe he could run fast though?

J m mcdermott said...

You know, the NExt Genners are just so cerebral. The original Trek was very blunt and physical. The Captain and command crew were never too good for away missions. They's get down there, rip open their shirts and bust some heads.

For good, old-fashioned smash mouth ball, you have to go with the Original Trek.

They were also in better shape, frankly. Didn't you ever see videos of Sulu running around like a warrior with his shirt off? He was one of many athletic badasses on that Trek.

Next Genners had to change their uniform to deal with spreading waistlines. They weren't a physical squad at all.