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Friday, October 24, 2008

did you early vote today? you did? have a pizza!

I early voted today. Go me! I deserve a pizza!

In line with me at the Benbrook YMCA to early vote was a very nice Muslim woman who moved here to Texas from Detroit. She was real nice. We talked about roller coasters. It made me happy to know that, because I was thinking about Colin Powell's statement how one party has really assaulted the Muslim faith, equating all followers of Allah as the equivalent of terrorists.

Frankly, this is one of the reasons I voted completely against that particular party. I went through the whole ballot, leaving blank all the spots where only a republican was running for a post, and voting for libertarians and/or independents based on that qualification alone.

I most certainly Obama/Biden. Yes, very much so.

That said, I don't care what your political affiliations are. We all have political opinions. We're all supposed to take time to rationally measure out the issues and the policies and the candidates and all that, and leave our arguments and posturings and disagreements at the door of the voting location.

We quietly, respectfully go in to our booth, and make our little statement.

Everything else is just noise and bluster and bloggers/pundits/etc begging for attention.

Go vote for your preferred candidate! Then, go get a pizza, because you deserve it!

(Early voting in Texas began this week, and lasts until October 31. Check with your local and state voting officials for information about how you, too, can vote early. Then, go vote. Then, go get a pizza. Because you deserve it for voting!)

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