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Friday, October 10, 2008

Thesseus, Breaker of Promises

They say that when Thesseus was a lad, his mother told him that he would know his father if he could lift the heavy rock, and see what was hidden beneath. They say, the lad, when he came of age, found a sword.

There was no sword there. Something far more dangerous was under that rock: a god king's broken promise.

A sacrifice broken, a woman's heart destroyed, white sails forgotten, and the bastard's father broken in grief when he should have felt great joy... All of these things came not from the arrogant, selfish hero Thesseus. They came from the weak, uncertain boy who wished to follow his word, but the broken promise he had found hung around his neck like a black anchor.

A curse is a simple thing: "Make a promise," said Media, when her place at the king's side was lost "and all your promises will be broekn by your own fate." And even this was not her curse. She merely pointed to the thing that had been below the rock.

Once upon a time, a god king fell in love with a beautiful shepherd girl. He broke his word. His son lived on, breaking promises one by one.

Thesseus, Breaker of Promises.

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