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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Michelle's FenCon Photos, including images of ME!

Look, people in costumes! (I'm dressed as an adult.)

Is it a costume? Or, is it just a passion for fashion?

"Hush," I said, "Your other face is trying to talk. Hm. You feel kind of squishy. I may need to wash my hands later. Yes. Wash hands. Okay, go on, other head."

Oddly enough, this fine gentleman won a "Best Hall Costume" Award in this, his casual everyday clothing.

Again, costume, or passion for fashion?

Thank you Michelle.

(Notice, Michelle did not include any picture of herself.


Anonymous said...

That would be because Michelle did not take a picture of herself. Michelle was too busy speaking of herself in third person. :)

Lola said...
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