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Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Book Signing: Georgia Tech Barnes and Noble on Thursday @5:00 PM

People of the Internet! Are you in Georgia? Atlanta, Georgia? 

I will be in downtown Atlanta at 5:00 PM on Thursday to sign books, giveaway chocolate, and engage in hijinx at the Georgia Tech Barnes and Noble.


I will have chocolate, books to sign, and maybe even things to give away! 

(Any signal boost appreciated!)


Preita said...

I just finished reading your your book Never Knew Another and I have to say I am blown away. I picked this up as my "try something new" kick and I was really impressed. The story was so original, the point of view and writing was interesting and I am going to pick up your latest as soon as I can get into the city. If you are doing a book tour I'd love to see a schedule posted :) Or if you aren't coming anywhere near Portland can I mail you my book (along with something cool ala Patrick Rothfuss) and maybe you'd sign it for me?

J m mcdermott said...

Absolutely, Preita, I will sign anything people mail to me to be signed. Drop me an e-mail at sankgreall gmail com and I'll pass along the right physical address to you.

At the moment, I only have four events happening, none of them in Portland or even close, but that doesn't mean I won't ever get there. Basically, if doing events proves successful, then I will be able to do more events. The more successful they are, the wider I will travel to do them. Make sense?

Never Knew Another is the latest, but my first novel is just back in print from Apex Books, so feel free to pick up a copy wherever you like (for instance, straight from the publisher! Or through Powells in Portland, who are awesome!) Also, MAZE is coming from Apex Books, a standalone interstitial book, in April.

But, yeah, drop me a line so I can give you the address to send things to, and I will sign anything you send (within reason, mind you... No signing of stuffed elephants or greasy slabs of cooked, dessicating bacon.)

LisaBit said...

Sadness, I foolishly assumed you meant tonight, rather than next Thursday (the B&N schedule tells me now that I misunderstood). Ah well, I suppose I'll just have to curl up here with my coffee and keep reading The Wise Man's Fear!