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Monday, February 12, 2007

Ananas und Zwiebeln

i went to the pizza parlor last night. two turkish men, clean and polite, spoke absolutely no english.

i explained what i wanted in german. they thought i was insane. they asked me over and over again, "this is what you wanted, yes?" in german. they made the pizza. they joked with other customers assuming i couldn't understand them about how they were going to add lots of this odd combo to other people's pizzas.

when the pizza was complete, they showed it to me hesitantly. they asked again, befuddled, "that is really what you wanted?"

i said yes. i gleefully paid the man and rushed home to devour the most delicious pizza-topping combo on earth: Ananas und Zwiebeln. (pinapples and onions).

"Ananas und Zwiebeln? ZWIEBELN? Du weiss was das ist, ja? On-onion?" (Onions? ONIONS? You know what that is, yes?)

try it sometime, good people of the internet, if you like things a little sweet and sour.

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