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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

german beer

german beer is better than american beer. don't let those sam adams' ads fool you. there is no comparison. if any american beer won some contest with german beer, the game was somehow rigged to sub-categorize things or skew the results towards bad beer.

even german beer bought in america tastes different than german beer bought in germany. i suspect that to make the beer legal in america they have to add something strange and unecessary, or perhaps america's obsession with "cold" beer forces the perfect german beer to survive unappropriate conditions in transit.

all german beer is required by law to be organic. there can be no weird additives. it can only contain the basic ingredients of beer. flavored beers do exist, but they are labeled as "not" beer. they are flavored beers.

german beer, in and of itself, will have the cleanest aftertaste you've ever experienced in your life. it will be like the perfect release of a symphonic note that hangs open in the air. when you are drinking it, it will be full and rich and have the precise texture that the color of the beer is supposed to have.

and, it will be so easy to drink way too much of it, because even good beer is cheaper here than bad beer costs in alcohol-tax-happy america.

way too easy to drink too much. way, way too easy.

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