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Friday, February 2, 2007

with help from babel fish

I found a note on the ground, in a clean hand and completely in German. It seemed to be torn straight from a teenager's notebook.

I'm the kind of person who picks up notes left on tabletops, and blowing around in the dirt, because I am deathly curious and eavesdrop on silent conversations.

I used babel fish to translate it into something resembling English. I suspect the translation is as disjointed as the mind that wrote the little note in my hand. a clean hand, true, but words that jump around like a monkey on crack.

"I meite od you still jewand others like except picture. there I meant actually stop a young from servant close or in such a way. you have me something with nem warrant of apprehension written however you to me genuinly none my-put. I got none? Hey, you is already again exactly like I. I had the book me also with ordered as a calendar fur 2007. Humans again in thing. Clearly with niva live everything folded and is in the box. Place to you forwards Tuesday then on work ne friend and I standig more daruber gequatscht. and others madchens on lokio hotel do not stand were again-went in such a way on the video and lauden funny with "Yom Pornosaur". that those also see walten. those young naturlich not. Naja and I had the video along and there to have we ours ausbilderin in demand whether we the video in lunch time look at ourselves surfen. but we surften that witten in arbeitszect look 1,5 grant. that was so cool. there other things were, erzahlt I you at the telephone after. and we find you the new video eignetlich?"

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